You wish to hit the trails but don't have a bike? No problem, stop by the rental shop, we have something for everyone.

We have a complete high performance bike fleet of Devinci Spartans and Devinci Wilsons at a very low price.
Our. bikes are serviced daily for your peace of mind. We also have full face helmets, Oakley goggles and a full range of FOX protective gear available for rental. Just bring a good pair of shoes, pants or shorts and a shirt and we will take care of the rest.
We also offer many different packages to suit your needs.

Call us for reservations 450-227-7336

Choose your ride

While both bikes are perfectly adapted to our park's trails, their riding style and feel is different.
Here is a little breakdown to help you make a choice.

2018 Devinci Spartan NX

2018 Devinci Wilson XP


Built for speed, a downhill bike is bigger, bolder and stronger, capable of conquering the roughest terrain with minimal effort.
It has a looser feel, it's a more forgiving ride and absorbs almost any bumps thanks to its longer suspension travel.
The downside? It's heavier, which means less responsive and harder to control, also almost impossible to climb anything.


 An Enduro is kind of an all purpose bike. It is light and agile while still being tough as nails and yet capable of going down very technical terrain with ease.
It is lighter and has less travel than a downhill bike so you will feel the rocks, bumps and vibrations a lot more.
 Lighter also means more responsive and easier to control.

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